Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We are excited to have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at our clinic. This is a wonderful piece of technology that has the ability to accelerate the body's ability to regenerate itself. During a session our clients lay down inside the chamber (on a mattress), where there is an increased amount of oxygen that flows into the chamber. The body is able to absorb significant amounts of oxygen, which is then used as food the cells in our body to be able to accelerate the healing process.

Recent research has shown the HBOT is able to promote the growth of new brain cells, and can be used as an effective treatment to combat mental illness!

Physiological Benefits include:

-Improve Energy Levels and Tissue Function 

-Regenerate Tissue 

-Reduce Inflammation 

-Reduce Pain 

-Improve and Enhance Immune Function 

-Protect the Body 

**For more information, please visit www.hyperbaricexperts.com **